2) The Village: – Meadowbrooke Estate

2) The Village:

2.1 Power, Gas & Water Services

Mains power, gas and water will be available for connection to all homes.  The resident must pay all charges in relation to supply and consumption of these utilities.

2.2 Sewerage or Septic

Mains sewerage will be provided to all homes.

2.3 Site Sizes

Site sizes in Stage 1 range from 210 m2 to 346 m2.

2.4 Vehicle Access Gate

The entry gate will be installed in Stage 1 with after-hours card access for Residents.  A video connection to the front gate with electronic opening access will be provided to all homes.  There will be a manual override in the event of a power failure.

2.5 Home Site Fencing

All Home Sites will have the standard 1.8 metre colorbond fence to the sides and rear.  The Riverfront roadway will be atop a 1.5 metre retaining wall, which will have a minimum 1.2 metre ‘pool’ fence.  Security cameras will be strategically located.

2.6 Lighting

Communal and Residential areas will be adequately lit for safety and security.

2.7 Access Road

A separate access road to South Western Highway will be used in case of emergencies.

2.8 Insurance

Communal areas/facilities are insured by Meadowbrooke.  Adequate Home and Contents Insurance by the individual Homeowners is mandatory.

2.9 Maintenance of Gardens

Meadowbrooke is responsible for maintenance of all communal areas plus the front ‘garden’ of the resident’s homes.  Residents will be responsible for maintaining the gardens at the sides and rear of their Home Site.

2.10 Home Maintenance

Residents are responsible for the internal and external maintenance and upkeep of their Home and Home Site.

2.11 Green Belt

This is considered important to the look and feel of Meadowbrooke.  There are significant and permanent areas allocated to open space.  The Estate also adjoins an extensive river foreshore reserve and walk trail.

2.12 Mosquitos

A mosquito management plan is in place as per the Shire of Capel Town Plan for the region.

2.13 Communications/Broadband Internet/TV/Pay TV

Optic Fibre is installed throughout the Estate. It provides free to air digital tv, intercom between all homes & facilities, front gate opening from the homes & vision from perimeter security cameras through tv’s.  Internet and telephone services are available through the fibre or from NBN via the fixed wireless network.