3) The Homes: – Meadowbrooke Estate

3) The Homes:

 3.1 Price of Homes

The home prices in stage 1A will range from $199,000 – $355,000.

3.2 Home Sizes

The size of the current range of homes is from 97.7 m2 to 157 m2 including living areas, alfresco and carports.

3.3 Stamp Duty

There is no Stamp Duty payable on the purchase of a Home at Meadowbrooke.

3.4 Conveyancing (Settlement) Fees

There are no Conveyancing Fees payable on the purchase of a Home at Meadowbrooke.

3.5 Building Standards

Our Homes are fully ISO 9001 certified and have a strong reputation for high quality construction and standards.

3.6 Home Building Warranty

Our Homes have a 6-year building warranty and homes are further protected by a statutory structural 40-year (lifetime) warranty.

3.7 Home Defects Process

Defects that may have safety impacts or seriously affect the Residents standard of living quality will be attended to as matter of urgency.  Additionally there is then a 2-stage defect repair process for general work at 4 and 12 months after installation.

3.8 Home Build Times

There is a 16-week lead-time after all specifications and selections are finalized, contracts completed, deposit paid and construction order placed with our homes.

3.9 Energy Rating

Consideration has been made in our home designs to save on heating and cooling and make your home energy efficient.

3.10 Colour Schemes

Our Homes offer a range of standard colour schemes recommended by professional Interior Designers.  It is in the interests of all residents that colour schemes are maintained within a selected range for the re-sale value of homes.

3.11 Home Design – Flexibility

Standard designs are generally suitable for most residents however we are happy to discuss small design and room dimension changes within the ‘building footprint’.  Site sizes vary and need to be considered. Additional charges may apply.

3.12 Adaptable Housing

Consideration for easy access is an important part of the Estate construction and Home designs.  Raised power points, no steps to front door, no hobs to showers & lower light switches are standard.

3.13 Wider Doors

We are happy to accommodate wider doors within the practicalities of the home size.  Additional costs may apply.

3.14 Air Conditioners & Ceiling Fans

Reverse cycle inverter air-conditioners are provided to all bedrooms and living areas as part of the ‘standard’ range. Ceiling sweep fans are provided to all bedrooms and living areas as part of the ‘base’ range.

3.15 Storage Shed

A garden shed is provided as standard with all homes.

3.16 Kitchen Cabinetry

Standard cupboards can be upgraded to drawers as an option and priced as required.

3.17 Corners on Bench Tops

Square corners to bench tops are standard, round corners are an upgrade & costs will apply.

3.18 Floor Coverings and Window Treatments

A selection of options is available and additional costs may apply. Tiled flooring is available as part of the ‘standard’ range, while vinyl flooring is available as part of the ‘base’ range.

3.19 Solar Heating and Power

Optional and separately costed.

3.20 Ducted Vacuum systems

Due to the concrete slab ring beam, ducted vacuum systems can’t be fitted in the home slab. Our building partners may be able to fit within the wall cavity and will work with the Resident when required.